• Advice To Anyone Who Has Been Silent (WE SEE YOU)

    1. No one is forcing you to do anything, make any public statements of allegiance, or threatening you if you decide to disagree. You are completely free to do or say whatever you like. Yes, we will go after you and attempt to destroy you if you disagree, but this is just a consequence of your misguided actions. The fault is not ours. You asked for it.

    2. If you follow someone who follows someone who follows someone who has shown themselves to be problematic, be sure to contact them and make them aware of this. Tell them plainly and simply that you will unfollow them if they do not unfollow these problematic people. 

    3. It's a good idea to edit your profile to include virtue signals such as your preferred pronouns, stating your account is a "safe place", and/or your support of Ravelry. This won't protect you, but it's a good place to start. Though, bear in mind that if you do these things, and then do say something that others take offense to, the online mobbing you will be subject to could be even more vicious. 

    4. Make sure you hire a therapist now. You never know who the next target will be, so you will want to be sure you have help to get you through it in case you are next. Of course, admitting to mental health struggles will just be a sign of your white fragility (whether you’re white or not), privilege, or huge ego etc., so you probably don't want to talk about this online ever. We will use this against you and send you further into depression.

    5. Don’t assume that your intersectional points will win you any support or excuse you. In fact, once you say you disagree with us (even in just the slightest), where you land on the intersectional scale is irrelevant and you will be taken down regardless. You should know by now that all we want is power and destruction, and do not have compassion for those we claim to be the voices of.

    6. If you prefer to do "the work" outside of Instagram and social media, you are free to do so. But this does not mean you should abandon social media. This is today, and today social media is where revolutions are happening. This is where real change happens and you cannot ignore your duties here. You leaving social media or stating you wish to do the "the work" in the real world is just a very clear sign of your weakness, fragility and privilege. We have done so much work already (such as destroying hateful businesses, smearing reputations, and causing emotional breakdowns and depression in those who deserve it), but this is just the beginning. We have the power to peacefully destroy even more on social media. We might even need to destroy you if need be. So, do not leave it. 

    7. I've mentioned this before, but you really need to keep questioning yourself and doubting yourself. Are you really an ally?