• Color of The Eras Yarn Club Month Two - The Roaring Twenties!

    The sign-ups for the second month of the yarn club go live today, Thursday, at 10:00 am PST and also at 4:00 pm PST (just to give those in different time zones the opportunity to get in).

    What it is:

    A three month yarn club inspired by some of my favorite historical eras. Each month I will dye up a special colorway inspired by the era and ship it to you. The color will be a mystery, and won't be released to non-yarn club members until at least three months after the club. First month - The Victorian Era. Second month - The Roaring 20's. Third Month - The War Years (1940's).

    How my clubs work:

    Typically, yarn clubs are between three and six months, and you must sign up and pay for all of the months at once. But my clubs are different in that you sign up for one month at a time. I will open sign ups for the next two months towards the middle of February and March. I do this because I am just a one-woman show with no sick leave or employees, and in case of an unexpected health or personal emergency, I want to be sure I can dye and ship the yarn on-time. 

    When will the club ship?

    I will ship each month's colorway during the first half of the month. So, The Roaring Twenties will ship during the first half of March. 

    What bases are available?

    I like to give you an option for which base you'd like, so you can choose between Cabin DK, Fife Fingering, or Fir Merino Singles.

    Will the colors from all three months look good together?

    I can't guarantee that all three colors will go together in a single project like a shawl. Because I am doing different eras, I want to be sure I have the freedom to create three unique colors that go with that era specifically. 

    What if I miss the sign-ups for one month?

    If you sign up for any of the three months throughout the club and would like one of the colors that you may have missed, you can contact me and I will gladly dye up it up for you!