• Fill Your Soul

    We have each made the choice to sign up for Facebook, Instagram, Google, Ravelry etc. We have all made the choice to share our information, our talents, our opinions, our businesses with these companies. We have handed over control. And now what?

    I’m not sure the answer lies in a new platform apart from the big companies. Though, I know how important community is. (If you would like to join a new knitting community of truly inclusive and warm-hearted knitters, come on over to ourunraveled.com. It was just set up and is still a work in progress, but I'm thankful someone has made the effort to do this!)

    I think each of us needs to step away from social media somewhat. It feeds off hate and disagreement and controversy. I know it’s hard to look away. Hard to think how our businesses can survive without it. But I truly believe if we all stepped away, we’d make it somehow. We’d support each other. We’d find other avenues for gaining customers and support. And it wouldn’t be driven by algorithms. It wouldn’t be controlled or censored. Remember blogs? 

    We need to fill our hearts, minds, and souls with nature, music, laughter, literature, love. 

    Listen to Vivaldi or Handel and close your eyes and picture whatever it is that the music makes you think of. There are endless stories in their sounds. 

    Go to the library and fill your arms with books. Spend the day flipping through them and deciding which to read first.

    Sit outside and look as far in the distance as you can. Stretch your eyes. 

    Edit: and then JP Sears put out this video, and made me laugh at myself a bit. Always a good thing!

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    • Erin says...

      So grateful for a community of people who see through this viscous behavior and want to be able to honor our differences without calling people out for every thing.

      July 01, 2019

    • JenC says...

      Thank you. You’ve gained a new subscriber.

      July 01, 2019

    • Theresa says...

      I’ve stepped away from IG, where I feel most of the nastiness strikes. Agree with you, Maria, it is good to step back from social media, but I did drift over to sign up for Unraveled. It sounds promising for a place to commune in harmony with other crafters even if our political views don’t always align.
      Hope your wedding is everything you’ve always dreamed of!! Congratulations!

      June 29, 2019

    • Maria says...

      Just bought myself some of your beautiful yarn!!

      I wish to support reasonable people like you who speak out against this ridiculous over-reaction to the intolerance that is at the root of all the “-ism”s. Fighting intolerance with intolerance just seems wrong to me… I have read all the thoughtful comments on this post and I feel less alone. Thanks everyone.

      I do not watch, read, listen to, participate in anything that offends me and find it hard to understand why Ravelry can not be a “safe space” for everyone. Why do some people feel the need to be cruel to other people for ANY reason is beyond me. Whatever happened to treat others as you would wish to be treated?

      Back to knitting :)

      June 29, 2019

    • Nancy says...

      I knew where this was headed, so I wasn’t completely surprised by Ravelry’s bigoted action. I am trapped, a prisoner of my own making. No Facebook account, I’ve suspended my IG account (which was hard at first like quitting a drug) but I’m so much happier and focused on ‘real life’ again.
      But stumped and trapped on Ravelry. I spent TEN years building my data base of every ounce of yarn in my stash, all my favorite patterns, a library of over 1000 patterns purchased through Ravelry….my heart completely sank under the weight of the enormity of what I’d give up if I left. I cannot believe that I let myself get lured into being in this position. I never made any political comment, but truly who is next?
      -First they came for the Craft business owners but I did not speak out because I wasn’t a business owner. Then they came for Trump supporters but I did not speak out because I was not a Trump supporter. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out.
      History repeats

      June 29, 2019

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