• July 5th Shop Update

    Thursday at 4pm PST (7pm EST)

    Here's what will be in the update:

    Wildwood Flower (Fife and Fuzz)
    Goldberry (Fife and Fuzz)
    Pigwidgeon (Fir, Fife, and Fuzz)
    Pale Persuasion (Fuzz, Shilling, Cabin DK)
    Cloak and Dagger (Fuzz, Fir)
    Mushroom Patch (Fuzz, Fir)
    Nessie (Fuzz, Cabin DK)
    Silver Leaf (Fuzz, Fir)
    Cordelia (Fuzz, Fir)
    Love Struck Baby (Fuzz)

    As always, if the base and colorway you're looking for isn't in the update, please send me a message on Instagram or email me at maria@tuskenknits.com. 


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    • Maggie Rasor says...


      I heard from a friend what happened to you on Instagram and I am so, so sorry. I can’t fathom the pain you have been put through with all the bullying. It’s like 8th grade on steroids or even worse, it’s klan mentality. Stay strong. Your voice is important to so many of us. I tried to shop your store, but everything is sold out! I will try at your next update. Don’t let them silence you!


      April 08, 2019

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