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    • Karen says...

      I found you through the article, actually. I thought it was really well written and poignant. I’m glad to see you still have 10K+ followers on Ig. :)

      April 08, 2019

    • Michele Fitch says...

      I found you through that article. I found that article trying to figure out where my Kate Davies designs newsletters had gone. I want to support your business.
      Best wishes!

      April 08, 2019

    • Karen Page says...

      Oh My-I was on vacation when all of this happened. When I returned to instagram I was shocked. I am so sorry for everyone in the knitting community that this has hurt. I just read the article and watched your video. I am glad my account is private and am able to follow only those with positive attitudes about life. I do not live in Lala land but life is too short to have so much anger and hatred. I am 70 years old and do not have time – I worry about my grandchildren when it comes time for them to enter into social media. Enough of this. I was writing to give you support and am looking forward to updates on yarn. You have such a soft way with color. Congrats on the engagement. I think my first email to you was “stay strong” weeks ago before I realized the extent of this. People will find you because you have a lovely product.

      April 08, 2019

    • Still a Fan says...

      Hi Maria,

      I’m so sorry that you have been attacked for calling out bullying and fearmongering. I love your yarn and I will continue to purchase it for my projects in an effort to support you in your business ❤️

      April 08, 2019

    • Robin Radin says...

      I’m sure I’m not the only one who agrees with you. And I must say your yarns are stunning. I’m glad this article introduced me to you and I will be happy to be buying from you.

      April 08, 2019

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