• Thank You To The Mob

    It's been 15 months since the mob went after me.

    Thank you, mob. I wouldn't be who I am today without you and everything you've taught me. Before you came for me I was oblivious to the problems going on in the world. I was oblivious to all your victims that came before me. When you came for me, I thought I was alone. What I soon learned is that my story was just one little drop in the sea of online "cancellations" and vigilante "justice". 

    Now we are reaching a great culmination. This ideology has finally infiltrated the entire nation, and the world as a whole. All white people must declare themselves white supremacists. And all people must have the "conversation" about white fragility and racism with their friends and family. Anyone who will not get on board may be cancelled, fired from their jobs, or shunned.

    Rioters in Minneapolis burned down a huge section of their city in "protest" of police and a black man named George Floyd, who was killed by a police officer. These riots spread across the country, many in support of the organization Black Lives Matter (read what they believe HERE). Thousands of businesses were burned, looted, and destroyed. Many of  them owned by black people. In Seattle, protesters set up an "autonomous zone", took control of the police department and drove the police out. Five people were shot in the course of a week there. Two were fatal. In the course of the June riots, at least 20 people have been killed. Most the of the victims have been black. We don't hear their names. Black lives only matter to BLM when it is politically expedient.

    Meanwhile, a wealthy white woman named Robin Di'Angelo is making millions selling her book White Fragility, which claims that any argument a white person poses against being called a white supremacist is evidence of their white fragility and therefore proof of their white supremacy. 

    And in the midst of this, we are being told to either social distance and/or wear a mask in public in order to stop the spread of a virus that is hardly more deadly than the seasonal flu (COVID-19 fatality rate is between 0.12-0.2%, while the flu is 0.1% WITH a vaccine). In most states mask wearing is now a mandate, with no metrics for when we will be allowed to show our faces again. Anyone who refuses to wear a mask is subject to stares, glares, insults, and even fines or jail time. We can't see faces, smiles, or hear speech clearly. Because this virus effects the elderly and unhealthy the most, people in the final months or years of their lives are locked in nursing homes, unable to see, hug, or kiss their children and grandchildren.

    By the way, my grandma is nearly 90. She refuses to wear a mask. She shops without one, and yells at anyone who judges her. She says this is not the country she remembers, and it makes her very sad and depressed. 

    We are told if we don't wear masks, we are killing the vulnerable. "You're killing grandma!". At the store I see people get out of their cars, pull out a grubby mask from their purse or pocket, put it on, touch it repeatedly throughout the day, then proceed to touch door handles, carts, and card readers. I ask people if they think masks should be mandatory. Most say no, and we pull our masks down to talk. But then they put them back up again when a stranger comes by. They wear them because they've been told to.

    Where are all the dead "essential" workers who've been working tirelessly through COVID-19? For the first two months most of them here near Seattle didn't even wear masks. They survived. The mask mandate came only after the virus had already made its way through the population and was dying out. Why now?

    The world feels muffled and confusing. 

    Every day I receive emails from people telling me they wish they could speak up.

    You know it is a cult when you get secret messages of support from people who have either left, or want to leave, but are afraid to. They will try to destroy you if you leave. They have made many examples of people, including me. But you must remember they have a very short attention span. They will stop harassing you after a week -  two at the most. And then you will be free. Free to be yourself. Free to have thoughts and opinions.

    The world is still full of people who believe in freedom and who see passed this. Just like you, they might be afraid to speak up.