• Shop Update: Wednesday, November 1st @ 4pm PDT (7pm EST)

    I have listed all the available colorways and bases below.
    It will be a rather sizable update, so I hope you can find something you love!
    Available Colorways and bases:
    Eyre: Fuzz
    Doune: Fuzz, Shilling
    Yours Forever: Fir
    Goldberry: Fir, Shilling, Bracken, Fuzz
    Storr: Fir, Shilling
    Wychwood: Shilling, Fir, Fuzz
    Cragganmore: Fuzz, Fir, Bracken
    Pigwidgeon: Fir, Fuzz, Shilling
    Dedlock: Fuzz, Fir
    Bleak House: Fir, Fuzz
    Kindred Spirits: Fir
    Cordelia: Fir
    Haar: Fuzz, Fir, Shilling
  • Shop Update: Thursday, August 31st @4pm PDT

    I've been busy these last few weeks working on a wholesale order for Baad Anna's Yarn Shop in Vancouver, BC, but I promise this hasn't prevented me from continuing to stock my own shop!

    As the three-skein sets for the Vortex Shawl by Charlotte Bory were so popular last week, I will be adding a few more to the shop today. Each set has one skein of Pigwidgeon and Bleak House on Fir Merino Singles, and one skein of Doune on Shilling Silk Merino Singles.

    There will also be Wychwood on both Shilling and Fir

    Cragganmore on Fuzz

    Pigwidgeon on Fuzz

    Bleak House on Fuzz

    And Goldberry on Bracken (my new BFL sock yarn) and Fuzz

  • Shop Update August 24th at 4pm PST ( 7pm EST )

    As Autumn is swiftly approaching, I find myself wanting deep, rich, cozy shades. I've also recently learned the brioche stitch, which has opened up a whole new world to me. Suddenly I feel I can play with color in a way that works with my rather minimal wardrobe. 

    This weeks update is inspired by one of my recent cast-ons -- The Vortex Shawl by Charlotte Bory. A truly addictive pattern in rich, earthy colors that I don't want to put down. 

    So, here's what you can expect to see in the shop update today:

    "Dedlock" on Fir Merino Singles and Fuzz


    Bleak House on Fir Merino Singles and Fuzz

    Pigwidgeon on Fir and Fuzz

    Doune on Shilling Silk Merino Singles