• Shop Update August 17th - WANDER Sock Sets!

    I have been having a blast dyeing up these bright colorways for my new Wander Sock Sets. Not only are these new colors, but this is also a new base, made up of 75% Superwash Merino, and 25% Nylon. It is incredibly soft, and I think it will be such a joy for you to knit with. 

    Each set will have two 50 gram skeins, plus one 20 gram mini.

    I have come up with four colorways inspired by one of my favorite bands -- The Generationals. Typically I listen to folk, bluegrass, and old country swing, so this band is a bit of a departure for me with their 80s New Wave electronic pop sound. But I'm a bit obsessed. I own all their albums on vinyl. And when I saw them in concert here in Seattle a couple years ago, I was like star-struck teenage girl. When I'm feeling a bit down, I blast their music and break out into a cheesy dance.

    The Generationals on YouTube

    The colors below (in order) are "Static On The Radio", "Wildfire Sculpture", "Yours Forever", and "Reading Signs". 

    Just for fun, I may change up the colors for the contrast minis in the future.


  • Shop Update Thursday, July 27th at 4:00 pm PDT

    Hello lovelies! After last week's cancelled update [due to my kitty escaping and having an outdoor adventure], I am so ready for the update today! It's been a very hot week, so I've been waking up as early as I can to get to the dye pots before the sun heats up the house too much. But the heat does have one positive impact on my dyeing -- the yarn dries super fast!

    Here is what will be in the update today:

    Fuzz:  Goldberry, Haar, Kindred Spirits, with a couple single skeins of Wildwood Flower and Bleak House.

    Fife: Persuasion, Wychwood, Goldberry, Kindred Spirits

    Wee Neuk: High Plains Crossing, Persuasion, Dryad's Bubble

    Brae: Love Struck Baby

    Shilling: Kindred Spirits

    You can find a description of the bases HERE. A page with photos of all the colorways is on my to-do list!

  • Info and colorways available in the next update

    This update will be my first regular update on the new Tuskenknits website. 

    I recommend creating an account on my website before the update goes live if you have specific skeins you are interested in, as they can sometimes sell out rather quickly. Creating an account and signing in beforehand will make the checkout process go much quicker.

    I will be updating this post on Wednesday with the available colorways and bases, so come back then to start planning!